Nutrition Coach

P U R P O S E :
To help people achieve better results through nutrition coaching.

M I S S I O N :
To facilitate better nutrition via advise, weekly check ins, personalise macros, nutrition plans, tracking and accountability. In order assist you and optimise your result through nutrition coaching

P O S I T I O N   S T A T E M E N T :
For ten years our team have been helping hundreds of people across all demographics, with our practical knowledge and experience in nutrition coaching. From the the days of the awful food pyramid we have been coaching people to live healthier better lives through our practice and holistic blueprint in our tool bag of nutrition solutions.

W E   O F F E R :
🌱 Paleo solutions
🌱 Primal solutions
🌱 Clean eating solutions
🌱 Intermittent fasting solutions
🌱 Meal plans
🌱 Personlise macros
🌱 Weekly check in
🌱 Online consultations
🌱 Phone consultations
🌱 Support via my PT Hub
🌱 12 week programs
🌱 Information booklets


F O R   P E O P L E :
That are dissatisfied with the lack of access to affordable nutrition coaching and services in the market. That struggle with weight loss and find it hard to achieve the body composition they want.

W E   A R E   O F F E R I N G :
Personalised Macros, Nutrition Plan, Weekly Check-ins, accountability, education and online and phone coaching support

U N L I K E   O T H E R   P R O D U C T S : That are currently on the market that are very expensive and lack personal contact.

O U R   P R O D U C T   W I L L
Will provide client access to affordable personalised coaching support and the ability to track everything.. Macro tracking, track progress photos and log daily workouts. So when we say everything we mean everything
Making it now easier and more affordable:
To achieve better results.

🌱Nutrition booklet 👉🏼 $50
🌱Personalised nutrition plan 👉🏼$100
🌱 Nutrition consultation 30min 👉🏼 $40
🌱12 wk program 15min consult p/w 👉🏼 $20p/w
🌱12 wk program 30min consult p/w 👉🏼 $30p/w

🌱Personalise Program
🌱Personalised Macros
🌱Nutrition Plan
🌱Weekly Check-Ins
🌱Coaching Support
🌱Access to tracking software