CrossFit Kids

Crossfit Territory’s Kids program is designed to teach kids the fundamental movements of Crossfit with a few other exciting activities such as obstacle courses, fitness games and we encourage a positive team environment.
Our program runs on a 12 class cycle to ensure that the kids get consistency with the movements so they can progress up the ranks.

Our Kids program whilst initially is based on age the kids can progress based on there skill and competency much like karate. Below is a list of our classes levels

CrossFit Kids

Tuesday and Thursday 3:45pm
4-7 years olds, classes are 30 minutes,

Monday-, Wednesday, Friday 3:45pm
8-11 years old, classes are 45 minutes,

CrossFit Teens

Monday-Friday 4:30pm & Saturday 9am
12-16 years old, classes 1 hour,

Youth Graduates
NOTE: Youth graduates are kids that have shown that they are technique enough and have the maturity to train any any class and unsupervised in the open gym timings.