Crossfit Territory’s program  is a general fitness program designed for everyone regardless of experiences or fitness level Our Program is divided into 3 categories:

  • CrossFit LITE
  • General
  • Competitors

Crossfit LITE is was designed with the beginner in mind and there is no need to have any sort of fitness or prior gym experiences.  Weights are light the movements are basic and we control the saturation of intensity  in your workout.

General is designed for intermidite level fitness. Those that are comfortable in a gym and have some experience with the crossFit methodogy or other functional training systems. Movement range in dificulty and the intensity is controlled by you.

Competitors is designed for advance crossFitters or high level athletes.
weight can get quite heavy and movements can get quite technical.

Regardless of your level we all participate in the work out together however the coaches will address each group on the requirements and skills of their program. members on the LITE Program are allocated a specific coach to ensure they feel comfortable and safe in each class.