Our Staff

Bren Southwick

Affiliate Owner & Director of Training

Bren is a strength and conditioning coach with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and Affiliate owner for 10 years.

Co-Publisher of Tia Clair Toomey ” How I became the fittest woman on earth” Co-Founder of Aussie Meal Prep and owner of CrossFit Territory, Bren comes from a multi-sport background; having competed at state and national level. Instead of pursuing professional sporting opportunities, he chose to fulfil a desire to serve his country in the Australian Army. With 10 years of military service, Bren soon realised that he had a gift for teaching and a passion for health and fitness. He began training the CrossFit methodology and has never looked back. Bren has since retired from competitive sport and now focuses on passing his knowledge and experiences through training his athletes.

In 2011, Bren was selected for the Aus­tralian Weightlift­ing Fed­er­a­tion Coach Men­tor Pro­gram in the lead up to the Delhi Com­mon­wealth Games. Bren­ was given the oppor­tu­nity to work with Australia’s top weightlifter and the Aus­tralian head coach, now CEO, of Australian Weightlifting Federation, Michael Keelan.




  • Senior first aid (apply first aid)
  • Bronze medal­lion
  • Cer­tifi­cate III in Fit­ness
  • Cer­tifi­cate IV in Fit­ness
  • Diploma Of Fitness
  • Cer­tifi­cate IV in Out­door Recre­ation
  • Licenced Cross­fit affil­i­ate owner
  • Cer­ti­fied level one Cross­Fit Trainer,
  • Cer­ti­fied level two Cross­Fit Trainer
  • Cross­Fit cer­ti­fied Olympic Lift­ing coach
  • Cross­fit Cer­ti­fied Gym­nas­tics Coach
  • Cross­Fit Cer­ti­fied foot­ball Coach
  • Army Phys­i­cal Train­ing Instruc­tor
  • Army Com­bat fit­ness leader
  • Unit Adven­ture train­ing leader (Army)
  • AWF Club Weightlift­ing / Sports Power Coach 1 Licence
  • ASCA Level one coach, in Strength and Con­di­tion­ing,
  • ASCA Men­tor Coach, assis­tant Pre­sen­ter Brad Mcgregor 2015
  • AWF State Weightlift­ing / Sports Power Coach 2 Licence
  • AWF Assis­tant Present to Leo Issac Sports power coach Level 1 (2012)
  • Strength and Con­di­tion­ing Coach at Hel­lenic Ath­letic Soc­cer Club (2013-2018)
  • Cur­rent ochre card holder
  • Paid Dive Master


  • Unbeaten weightlifter in NTWA
  • CrossFit Regional 22nd, 27th and 4th place
  • CrossFit Open 9th and 4th place, 42nd
  • Snatch 140kg, Clean and Jerk 160kg, Jerk 180Kg, Deadlift 270kg, Isabel 1:17, Grace 1:20, Fran 2:05, Diane 1:49
  • Fittest Man in NT 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (did not compete), 2014, 2015 (did not compete) 2016. retired from Crossfit, 2017 trained for Commonwealth games 3 best total in 85kg Class AUS

Aaron Hicks

Head Coach & Fittest man in the NT

CrossFiting since 2013
Coaching since 2015
Previous sports Afl, swimming, rugby union, rugby league.Hobbies- trail bike riding, motorbike riding and diving





  • Cer­ti­fied level one Cross­Fit Trainer,
  • AWF Club Weightlift­ing / Sports Power Coach 1 Licence,
  • ASCA Level one coach, in Strength and Con­di­tion­ing,
  • Cur­rent ochre card holder
  • Apply first aid


Battle of the Brawn 2017 (5th)
Qualified for 2018 Aussie Throwdown final (8th)
Norfit 2017 (1st)
Crossfit Open 2018 (1st Northern Territory)
Crossfit Open 2017 (2nd Northern Territory)
Crossfit Open 2016 (3rd Northern Territory)

Weightlifitng (BW 69-75kg)
110kg snatch
140kg clean & jerk
107.5kg Power Snatch
130kg power clean
220kg Back squat
181kg front squat
210kg deadlift
80kg press


Stacy Wagman

Lead Coach

Stacy has been CrossFit­ting since 2011 includ­ing dur­ing, and after two preg­nan­cies. Stacy loves CrossFit because it is always dif­fer­ent, you never get bored. You can get great fit­ness results from only work­ing out an hour a day and it is for every­one, every lift, every move­ment is scal­able so it doesn’t mat­ter what your fit­ness level is when you start. Stacy espe­cially likes coach­ing because she is able to watch and help peo­ple achieve per­sonal bests and learn new skills every ­day. The CrossFit com­mu­nity pro­vides a sup­port­ive and friendly envi­ron­ment that makes get­ting results easy – if you are will­ing to put in the effort.


  • ASCA Level one coach, in Strength and Con­di­tion­ing
  • CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • Cross­fit Cer­ti­fied Gym­nas­tics Coach
  • AWF Club Weightlift­ing / Sports Power Coach 1 Licence
  • AWF State Weightlift­ing / Sports Power Coach 2 Licence
  • State Level Weightlifting Referee


Weightlifting State Masters Champ 2016-18
Weightlifting Masters National Champ 2016

Charmaine Murden

Lead Coach


Snatch – 50kg
Clean and Jerk – 62.5kg
Power Snatch – 50kg
Power Clean – 67kg
Back Squat – 85kg
Front Squat – 75kg
Deadlift – 110kg
Strict Press – 42.5kg

WKA Bob Jones Martial Arts
5 fights (3 wins, 2 loss)
Yellow Belt (Zen Do Kai)
Black Singlet (Muay Thai – Bob Jones Martial arts)



CERT III in Fitness (Australian Institute of Fitness)
CERT IV in Fitness (Australian Institute of Fitness)
Master Trainer (Australian Institute of Fitness)

Orlando Mau


Ollie started CrossFit four years ago after looking for something to keep him fit and healthy after he decided to hang up the soccer boots. He is known in the gym for being a bodyweight specialist and is one of the most technical CrossFit gymnasts in the Northern Territory. Ollie loves leading by example and encourages other members to participate in the local Darwin CrossFit season. He is active in weightlifting competitions, CrossFit Team events and regularly participates in the local individual events.

Ollie’s favourite sports other than CrossFit are snowboarding and soccer. He loves how CrossFit challenges mind and body and is good for the soul. He also loves how there is always something to train and there is always something to improve in. He finds enjoyment in helping others to achieve their CrossFit / personal fitness goals.


  • AWF Club Weightlift­ing / Sports Power Coach 1 Licence
  • ASCA Level one coach, in Strength and Con­di­tion­ing,
  • Cer­ti­fied Level One Cross­Fit Trainer
  • Applied First Aid Certificate

Brett Johnston

Assistant Coach