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2 rounds of:

10 step each way Lateral Band walk

10 Good Mornings

10 Back Squats


Sumo Squat Pose – 2 minutes

Lower Body Strength

Box Squat (OE3min 5-5-5-5-5)

Focus on staying active throughout the whole squat. Set up box on parallel.

Workout of the day

Metcon (Time)

Lite (Scaled)

3 rounds for time:

20 Air Squats

10 Deadlifts

General (Rx)

3 rounds for time:

12 Banded Pistols squats

8 Deadlifts 100/70kg

Competitors (Rx+)

3 rounds for time:

12 Pistols squats

8 Deadlifts 120/85kg
8min CAP

Goal is to hold good position on the Deadlifts as they are on the heavy side.

Core Finisher

3 rounds For QUALITY:

10 V ups

10 Tuck ups

10 Hollow Rocks

Cool Down

Sphinx – 2 minutes

Pigeon – 1 minute each side

Forward Fold – 2 minutes

Saddle Archer – 1 minute each side