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Goal Planning Seminar TOMORROW!

Saturday the 18th January @ 10:30am

Leading up to the seminar i want you to think about WHAT your goals are and WHY you want to achieve them. At the seminar we are going to create a PLAN and a timeline to achieve these goals.

Don’t forgot to register by emailing

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10 step lateral band walk

10 Banded Squat with lateral leg raise

10 Good Morning

10 Ring rows

10 Sumo Deadlift *light


Straddle – 2 minutes

Lower Body Strength

Sumo Deadlift (OE3min 10-10-7-7-5)



Goal is to work up to a heavy 5 reps. Focus on holding good position during the lift. NO TNG – lift and reset after each lift.

Workout of the day

Metcon (Time)

Lite (Scaled)

3 rounds for time:

16 Dumbbell goblet squat

10 Deadlift

General (Rx)

3 rounds for time:

16 Single arm dumbbell overhead squat 12/7kg

10 Deadlift 80/55kg

Competitors (Rx+)

3 rounds for time:

16 Single arm dumbbell overhead squat 22/15kg

10 Deadlift 100/65kg
8min CAP

Swap arms as needed for overhead squats but try to keep it even. Hold good position on the deadlifts.


Wall Sits OR Weighted Wall Sits

3 rounds of 1:1

Can use plate on thighs to increase intensity.

*make sure you are holding good position. legs at 90 degrees and sitting right on parallel.

Cool Down

Single leg forward fold – 1 minute each side

Pigeon – 1 minute each side

Half Saddle – 1 minute each side

Supine Twisted Cross – 1 minute each side