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Interested in CrossFit Territory?

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Check out our gym. Meet our coaches. Experience our community. You don't have to be in shape, you just have to show up. Schedule your free class today!

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Stay in Touch with Our Community

Today's WOD, News & Events

Want to stay up-to-date with what's going on? Check out our community blog where you'll be able to see the latest news, announcements, events and quick access to the daily WOD.

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Fitness Programs for Everyone

Nutrtion Coach

12 week program where our nutrition coach work with you to reach a goal such as weight loss or performance.

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Functional fitness for anyone looking to get stronger, faster and leaner so you can enjoy a healthier life.

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Crossfit LITE

Crossfit LITE is a program designed for the beginner with little to no fitness and may have never been to a gym before.

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CrossFit Kids

Designed to teach kids the fundamental movements of Crossfit with a few other exciting activities such as obstacle courses, fitness games and we encourage a positive team environment.

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