The CrossFit Territory program is a result of seven years of testing and adjusting. We have improved on “constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity” and added in individual progression tables.

Normally this is referred to as scaling a movement to suit your capability; however coaches at CrossFit Territory follow our gym’s specific progression tables, making our gym very unique in comparison to others in the NT. This means that not only can anyone at any age and fitness level join; you can take comfort in knowing that all your movement progression has been thought of in advance, ensuring your safety is paramount when you train with us.

We run five sessions a day that go for 1 hour at a time. In a session, you can expect to cover off on mobility/stability work, a strength/skill movement, a conditioning piece and auxiliary exercise to assist in fixing up any mechanical faults in your system.

Our program incorporates rest and recovery days as this is one of the most important parts of a training cycle. They are not set in stone due to everybody being different and having different work/life balance. Our coaches will advise and tailor a program to suit you and your approach.

Our CrossFit program also incorporates eating seminars every quarter and our coaches use lots of different approaches to your nutrition. We offer Paleo, primal, vegan and raw vegan individualised solutions. We also can dial in those methods using the ‘zone’ measurement system.

Our CrossFit program has achieved some amazing results over the years. We have dropped up to 50kg off people’s waists, and added up to 15kg onto somebody who needed to. We have had members become fitter and healthier that are in their 50s than what they were in their 30s. We’ve unlocked so many people’s true athletic potential that it is a given if you come train with us, listen to what we say, do what we say to do, eat what we tell you to eat, success is a given and the person that you see inside will be for everyone to see in a matter of time.