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handstand Hold


Push up

Ring row


3 minutes total time straddle


Metcon (5 Rounds for calories)

LITE (Scale)

OE3 minutes for 5 rounds:

5 wall walk or 2 Bear crawl then max Cal row


OE3 minutes for 5 rounds:

10m Handstand walk then max Cal row


OE3 minutes for 5 rounds:

10m Handstand walk unbroken then Max cal Bike

Score total calories

Workout of the day

Metcon (Time)

LITE (Scale)

3 rounds for time

10 Ring Row

10 Knee Push up

100 Single skips


3 rounds for time

7 Pull up

7 Push up

80 Double unders


3 rounds for time

7 Bar Muscle ups

100 Double unders


Dragon-1 minute each side

Fragon-1 minute each side

Sumo Squat -2 minutes

Half Split – 2 minute each side

Nutrition Tip

Exercising While Keto: 11 Tips For the Transition To Keto (and For Long Term)

People go keto for many different reasons. Some want to get better at burning fat so they have a clean, reliable source of steady energy at all times. Some people are treating a neurodegenerative disease, or trying to prevent one from occurring in the first place. Others just want to lose body fat, take advantage of the cognitive effects of ketosis, or stop seizures. Those are all common reasons to go keto. Another reason people go keto is for the benefits to physical performance.

Keto’s Core Benefits For Performance

After all…

Keto increases energy efficiency. You can do more in the aerobic (fat-burning) zone than a sugar-burner.

Keto spares glycogen. The more fat you’re able to utilize, the more glycogen you preserve for truly intense efforts.

Keto builds new mitochondria. Mitochondria are the power plants of our cells. More mitochondria means a larger engine.

Keto and Elite Performance

This goes for regular folks exercising enough to stay in good shape and even for top-of-their-game elite athletes, as evidenced in the highly regarded FASTER Study, which compared the fat oxidation rates among elite ultramarathon runners who were on a low-carb, fat adapted diet to elite counterparts consuming a traditional high carbohydrate diet. Dr. Peter Attia, one of the most brilliant minds in the keto scene who now focuses on longevity medicine at his private practice in San Diego and New York City, has chronicled his amazing transition from sugar burner to fat adapted cyclist. Attia went from burning 95 percent carbohydrate calories at anaerobic threshold to burning 25 percent carbs and 75 percent fat at

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