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Push ups

Double unders

Ring row

handstand hold


Pigeon pose 2 minutes each side


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

LITE (Scale)

OE2 minutes for 5 rounds:

10 Bench Press 30/20 + Max effort double under


OE2 minutes for 5 rounds

10 Bench Press 40/30 + Max effort double under


OE2 minutes 5 rounds

10 Bench Press 60/40 + Max effort double under

Use your press/HSPU/ Push up grip. it doesn’t matter if the bench is light because your score is your double unders. There are no singles today


Speed rope will assist with double unders

Workout of the day

Metcon (Time)

LITE (Scale)

4 rounds for time of:

20 Ring Row

20 Push ups


For time:

2 rounds of:

15 Pull ups

15 handstand push ups

Then, 2 rounds of:

10 Chest to bar pull ups

10m Handstand walk


For time:

2 rounds of:

20 Chest to bar pull ups

20 handstand push ups

Then, 2 rounds of:

10 bar muscle ups

20m Handstand walk

Reduce the volume to keep this word flowing. There are plenty of scales in between scale, rx and rx+

if your not quite at the standard chat to a coach to work a scale that allow you to move consistently and working towards the next level up


Nothing specific

Gymnastic grips wil assist your pull ups


Saddle eagle- 1 minute each side

Puppy dog – 1 minutes

Low dragon- 1minute each side

Bound angle – 2 minutes

Frog pose – 2 minutes

Nutrition Tip

DIY Natural Electrolyte Drink

Whether you’re training hard, spending all day out in the heat, or have someone in your household experiencing diarrhea, food poisoning, or a nasty bout of the flu, this DIY natural electrolyte drink is the perfect solution to help the body stay hydrated during hardship.

While I typically try to sip on nourishing bone broth when I’m sick, sometimes—even bone broth can be hard to stomach. This DIY natural electrolyte drink is light, refreshing, and easy to drink, which is especially important when it’s the kiddos who are sick—not you. It’s also incredibly easy to make (just put in a jar and stir), and packs a punch of vital nutrients the body needs to function.

In short, this DIY natural electrolyte drink recipe has a variety of uses, making it a year-round staple just about anyone can benefit from.

Why use a DIY Natural Electrolyte Drink?

When you sweat or lose bodily fluids rapidly, you not only lose water, you also lose electrolytes, which are minerals in the body that have an electric charge. The major electrolytes include sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, phosphate, and magnesium.

Electrolytes are in charge of delivering nutrients into cells, balancing the pH of the blood, and the contraction and relaxation of muscles—including the heart. Maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance during sickness or extended physical exertion is crucial because it allows the immune system and organs to continue to function properly. When imbalanced, bodily processes are compromised.


1 cup coconut water

1 cup filtered water

1 tablespoon raw honey

1 lemon or 1.5 limes (squeezed juice)

1/8 teaspoon unprocessed sea salt