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Barbell Warm Up

Skills session format

5 Pause back squats (3s)

5 Eccentric back squats (5 seconds down)

5 barbell side lunge each side

5 Good mornings

5 jumping back squats


Banded couch super stretch 3 minutes each side.


Back Squat (OE3min 10-10-7-7-5)



Today is a great day to use % your a week ago. start at 60% and move 5-10% each set, if your feeling great set an new 5RM


Weightlifting shoes, weightlifting belt, knee sleeves

Workout of the day

Metcon (Time)

LITE (Scale)

For time:

Row 1,500 meters

50 wall-ball shots

20 ring rows


For time:

20 chest to bar pull ups

75 wall-ball shots 20/14

Row 2,000 meters


For time:

Row 2,000 meters

100 wall-ball shots 20/14lbs

20 muscle-ups

you may substitute the row for 1:1 run or 1:2 bike

Choose modifications that allow you to complete each exercise with little rest. There is a high volume of each movement. Scale back each portion so you can keep moving, even as fatigue sets in.


Weightlifting shoes, weightlifting belt, knee sleeves


Cool Down

lizard – 2 minute each side,

Saddle Pose – 3 minutes total time,

seated forward fold – 2 minute total time,

Sphinx – 1 minute total time,

bounded angle – 2 minutes total time,

Nutrition Tip

If you are looking to measure your own meals, then download CfJ 21 PDF off the internet. It will explain the zone measuring system, which is the easiest way I have found to measure meals. It’s very basic nutrition advice and very easy to learn.