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Total amount of reps in 20:10×8


Low Dragon pose 2 minutes each side


Thruster (OE2min 10-7-7-5-5)

LITE Dumbell Thruster 10-10-7-7–5-5


Start at 60% of your max, aim to hit 80% +

Todays focus is verticle squat and a grip on the bar that allows you to maximise you press


Weightlifting shoes, weightlifting belt, knee sleeve, lifting and wrist wraps are a must for flexabilty (in stock pro store)

Workout of the day

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

LITE (Scale)

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

Signle unders

Wall balls

Ring row


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

15 Double unders

10 Wall balls

5 Pull ups


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

15 Double unders

10 Wall balls

5 chest to bar Pull ups

UNBROKEN UNBROKEN UNBROKEN!! We want intensity and this means unbroken rounds ……. lots of them


SPEED ROPE is a must jump online and buy one or get one from the pro store

Cool Down

Puppy dog pose- 3 minutes total time

Low dragon pose 2 minutes each side

Half saddle pose 1 minute each side

Standing stradle 2 minutes total time

Nutrition Tip

Powerful BCAA Benefits for building muscle.

– Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is a muscle building process that generates new proteins in the body. The more protein your body stores during protein synthesis, the larger your muscle will grow.

A well known BCAA benefit is their ability to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Combining BCAAs with resistance training results in maximal protein synthesis because they both help to trigger the mTOR signalling pathway that is essential for building muscle.

In more recent studies it has also been suggested that BCAAs by themselves may independently stimulate muscle protein synthesis, meaning they may have the ability to build muscle even without resistance training!

– Reduced Catabolism

BCAAs also help to build muscle by reducing the rate of muscle protein breakdown (catabolism). This anti-catabolic activity suppresses the use of muscle protein for fuel, meaning less breakdown of muscle tissue that is needed to build muscle. With less muscle protein being broken down during resistance training and increased protein synthesis (discussed in point 1) the net result is greater muscle gains.

– Increased Muscle Energy

Studies have suggested that BCAAs, unlike many other amino acids, can also be used as fuel by producing energy to support your muscles during prolonged, intense exercise. This is because BCAAs are metabolised within muscle tissue, allowing them to be used as energy by muscle cells to produce ATP. ATP is the primary source of energy that fuels muscle contraction and lifting weights.