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Barbell Warm Up

3 rounds


20 skips

10 good mornings

20 skips


Banded couch super stretch 3 minutes each side.


Deadlift (OE3min 10-7-5-5-5)



If you have already done the open workout and do not plan to do it again make sure you get in a heavy session today . If you haven’t done the open yet come in today and do it in the open area. make sure you bring a judge.


Weightlifting shoes, weightlifting belt, knee sleeves

Workout of the day

Metcon (Time)

LITE (Scale)

3 rounds for time

sumo deadlift high pull

Ring Rows

Box Dips


3 rounds for time

25 sumo deadlift high pull 30/20

15 Pull up

15 Ring Dips


3 rounds for time

25 sumo deadlift high pull 40/30

10 Ring Muscle ups

You need to pick a weight that you can go unbroken on the SDHP. Look to find a pace that allows you to move fast but not gas your self. If you struggle with pull and dips scale or break into very small sets 3s’s abd 2s. If your stepping up to rx+ today and may struggle on the ring muscle ups hit as many as you can before scaling on each rounds. Big dogs on rx+ your goal is to go unbroken.


Wrightlifting boots knee sleeves and gynastics grips will assit you greatly today.

Cool Down

Pigeon – 1 minute each side,

Saddle Pose – 2 minutes total time,

Downward Dog – 1 minute total time,

Sphinx – 1 minute total time,

Praying Childs Pose – 2 minutes total time,

Thread the needle pose – 1 minute each side.