CrossFit Territory – CrossFit


First 1000m is a bulit in warm up.

Conditioning WOD

Metcon (18 Rounds for time)


1 x 1000m , 1min rest, (Active Recovery Pace)

5 x 200m, 1min rest between efforts, (Max effort)


1 x 800m Row, 1min rest, (Active Recovery Pace)

4 x 200m, 1min rest between efforts, (Max effort


1 x 600m Bike , 1min rest, (Active Recovery Pace)

3 x 200m, 1min rest between efforts, (Max effort


1 x 400m jog, 1min rest, (Active Recovery Pace)

2 x 200m, 1min rest between efforts. (Max effort

If you substitute any for the bike you must double the distance
Statergy: Workout may be done in any order, active recovery pace focus on quality movement.

Equpment : Good pair of running style shoes, a time keeping device like smate phone/watch , garmen ect

Cool Down

Banded Hamstring Stretch- 2 minutes each leg

Banded Couch Stetch – 2 minutes each leg

banded Lower Back Traction – 2 total time

Banded Lat Stretch – 2 minutes each side

Nutrition Tip Meal Prep

ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN! What you plan to eat and what you actually eat are 2 completely different things. The best way to ensure accountability is to pre make all your meals on Sunday and if your really keen Wednesday as well. This allow you to portion control your intake, ensure desirable foods are chosen over less desirable food, measure macros to achieved a desire result and it saves money and reduces wasted of food. Meals should contain Protein, Carbohydrates and fats. Proteins should be free range, will caught, or grass fed and where possible organic. Carbohydrates should be a combination of Low Gi and some Hi Gi depending on if you want to loose weight fuel for performance. Some good fat choice are almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts avocados and Olive or coconut oil. If you need any help with your nutrition speak to Brendan or Arron.